29 Nov 2012

Christmas Mini-Saga competition

Today’s edition of the Western Gazette features details for a competition from Yeovil Community Arts Association. Similar to The Times’ ghost story competition a few of the Storyslingers attempted not too long ago, this is another fifty word story challenge with the theme being “Seven”.

The short story must be 50 words exactly and can have a title up to 17 words long. Entries must be received by Wednesday December 19. 
The entry form is on page 31 of the newspaper if you would like to enter (photocopies are not permissible).
More information on the Yeovil Literary Prize and the YCAA is available on the following websites - http://www.yeovilprize.co.uk or http://www.yeovilarts.com

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  1. Nick Allen of Dorset Scribblers won a prize for this Mini Saga. Congratulations, Nick! Check out his blog http://www.dorsetscribblers.blogspot.co.uk/