24 Sep 2011

SAC Arts Festival - Quick Round-Up

Things have been busy for both of us these past couple of weeks, but we wanted to post about the Arts Festival before we move on to newer news.

The festival was booming on the Saturday and a big success for SAC, and the writing group learned a valuable bundle about promotion and presence—things we plan to take with us to the next event. We had a fantastic turnout of loot in the end, as you can see here:

We also got to finally meet our sister group, the poetry writers, and even take part in a poetry workshop. I'm not sure if we're ready to start sharing our poems just yet, but it was fascinating trying out some of the processes of transforming prompts and stream-of-consciousness writing into poems. We didn't realise we had it in us!

Next up, we will be showcasing more of our work at the Mere Literary Festival (October 10th - 16th 2011). We hope you'll come along and visit us! There will be even more creative writing available in the form of booklets, flyers, bookmarks, and creative writing games. We'll post more about this closer to the time.

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