30 Aug 2011

Our loot so far...

Just a quick update to show you our loot (so far!) from last night's meeting:

We were all amazed and thrilled with how much stuff we already have to put on show at the arts festival, and we're still in the process of making more booklets, leaflets, and bookmarks, so there'll be even more by the time the weekend lands.

Part of me is enjoying this way too much, and the other part is looking forward to kicking back and catching up on sleep when the festival is over. :)


  1. Fantastic, i'm sure our stand will draw in a fair few visitors and looks like we might even need display stands or 'shelf talkers' too, i will try and find some if needed?

  2. That would be fabulous, thanks!

    I'm hoping we'll get a lot of visitors, too. It's just a shame the festival is being held the same weekend as the Steam Fair, or we'd probably get more. :)