27 Aug 2011


We’re hard at work preparing for the arts centre’s festival next weekend. We’ve been making booklets, postcards and bookmarks to showcase our work; some of which will be on sale. I’ve had two of my stories printed at Meticulous Ink, a fine printing and stationary company in Bath. Meticulous Ink specialise in exquisite traditional printing methods, including letterpress. I only needed digital prints this time around, but I’ve been salivating over their letterpress products for quite some time. Storyslingers will definitely be getting some of our work letterpress printed in the future.

My digital prints came beautifully packaged. I felt like a very spoilt child at a birthday party when I unwrapped these goodies. Amazing!

I designed an invitation style flyer to promote our table at the festival, which I got printed at the same time; all three on lovely posh 300mg. I’m thrilled with them. They look fantastic, very professional and slick.


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