28 Aug 2011

SAC Arts Festival 2011 – more creative stuff

After Jenny's awesome post about her flyers and story printouts, I thought I'd post about some of my own creative endeavours for the Arts Centre Festival. There's just under a week left and I'll bet the remaining days zoom by. So far I've been sorting out story flyers and booklets, but there's still a lot to do. It's a good thing we'll have some time to set up beforehand!

I'll be showcasing three separate pieces, two of them printed on large postcards (a bit slimmer than the exquisite 300gsm card Jenny's stories are printed on, but still sturdy enough to be satisfying), and a single page, folded booklet for a slightly longer piece that was actually written for one of our very own writing prompts. Here is a little taster:

I'm also planning to make some bookmarks promoting Storyslingers and possibly samples of micro-fiction (a post highlighting what micro-fiction is can be found at my website here). These will be the standard slim card style bookmarks that slot easily between pages. I've got some nice black card, stickers and gold and silver pens to play with. We'll see how they go!

I've also been making cute origami bookmarks that fit neatly over the top corner of the page. These are much easier to manoeuvre as they're small. They'll make great holiday gifts, too.

There's even the possibility of a collaborative activity, if we can tempt visitors to our table to participate, in the form of a giant round-robin story. This is where the first person writes an opening sentence of a story, then the second person picks it up and writes a sentence, then the third person adds a sentence, and so on until you have a full story. Similarly, a game of Consequences could be fun. Maybe we'll do both!

We'll try to take photos at the Arts Festival and post them here, but if you can make it, please do drop by.

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