20 Apr 2013

Fictional Worlds Map Making Competition UPDATE

Storyslingers second fictional map making competition is underway. With only one month left before the deadline, it’s time to get drafting! 

An exciting opportunity has arisen for the winners: depending on the quality of the submissions, the Slade Centre gallery in Dorset is keen to put on a short show, giving winning entrants the opportunity to exhibit their maps in one of North Dorset’s leading galleries. Winning entrants will be given the opportunity to publicly read their work in front of a live audience (this is totally optional!)*

The best maps will also be displayed at Shaftesbury Arts Centre in June and here on the blog. A public reading opportunity may arise in Shaftesbury as well (TBC).

Competition details:

Every story is set somewhere and it’s the writer’s job to immerse their reader fully into that fictional world. How are we to write convincing worlds if we do not know our way around them?

We challenge writers and/or artists to draw a map of their fictional world.
Please email your map as a jpeg to zomzara@googlemail.com with Map Making Competition as the subject.  Previously we stipulated 72dpi: but if you have a nice detailed map, send it larger, send it so that you're satisfied we can see all the detail. I think my inbox will cope! If your map appears elsewhere online in a large resolution you can always link us to the site.
 If you’re interested in the public reading opportunity, please let us know so we have an idea of how many people are potentially interested.

Entry is FREE. This competition is open to all, young or old, artistically brilliant or dysfunctional. If you’re under the age of 16, let us know and we’ll enter you into the kids’ category too.

Have your maps sent to us by the 21st of May. (If you send a day or two late, we’ll probably still accept it, though no guarantees). 

Facebook event.

* please note that this opportunity is dependent on the artistic quality of the submissions, so it may not happen. As writers, we’re more interested in the imaginative quality, so there might end up being a clash of interest between us and the Slade Centre. Maps will be exhibited at Shaftesbury Arts Centre for sure. 

Some awesome maps I found on the internet:




CT River

Oh, Milly Molly Mandy - how you inspired the child version of myself. This was the map that started my fascination with fictional maps. 

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  1. Hi Zomzara, ravells from the cartographers' Guild here. You recently sent us an email about the competition and I have responded to your email address.
    All the best,