18 Apr 2013

Sci-Fi Weekender 2013

Me and fellow Storyslinger Beth Stewart recently ventured up to north Wales to attend the annual Sci-Fi Weekender, a huge convention geared towards sci-fi fans and general nerds. There were a lot of interesting panels about books and writing, hosted by a number of really cool authors, as well as cosplay, vendors and entertainment. One of the highlights of the weekend was Brian Blessed, who I go into more detail about in the second post.

Read about our adventure below:

Day One - in which we flail at all the costumes and merchandise, but also manage to attend a few panels: 

"Here Come the Girls (a female view of writing and editing)"
"Here Come the Boys (a male view of writing and editing)"
"No Airships Required: Creating Steampunk Worlds"
"Vampires in Love: Paranormal and Urban Fantasy"

Day Two - in which we have our photos taken with Daleks and the Ghostbusters, and attend more panels: 

"It's the End: Why the Apocalypse is so Popular"
"Creating Fantasy Worlds"
"The Future is Bright: But What would Asimov make of it?"

We're definitely going back in 2014, so if anyone wants to come along or meet us there, let us know!

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